P1210720 verkleind copyright Herman Jolink 3-5 feb 2017 Bremen Germany

3-5 feb 2017 Bremen germany, Gearclock Cover 750 round case new made, small gearshift forks, Head Light Diane 125 1 cylinder Ducati, Photo copyright Team Jolink october 1990 Ducati Mille S2 Bevel road Turkogli-Narli East of Adana Turkey we reach the 100.000 km Mettje Spek (past away 4th june 2000) and Herman Jolink, Messing Exhaust nuts V-Twin also we can make every oversize for 1 Cylinder Ducati Heads, Forged Piston new made for Ducati Mille 88 mm 440 gram we can deliver evry size piston what you need you give us a example piston we made the size what you need New made Kickstarter 900 SS Square in ashort time we have a new made kickstarter for Ducati 750 Sport-SS round case, Forged Piston Blanc for 106 mm piston for Ducati 1198 RS

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