10-12 augustus NitrOlympix Hockenheim D, over the 1/4 Mile (402 m)

Herman Jolink on Ducati 1198 RS (1266) 1e Qualified with 8.857 seconds with 250 kmh

The track having ferry bad traction, al the rubber whas cleaning away, because the FIA wanted that, fore the Formule One Cars. because they having problems when it is raining and then the rubber is ferry slippery

The Team from Herman Jolink whas happy with Qualifyng at the first place, whe did  a 9.014 seconds 248 kmh in the 1e Qualie round and then the 8.857 and a 9.192 and in  the 4e Qualie run a 9.0 seconds Lees verder