17-19 august Top Gas Round 5 Drachten NL

17-19 august Drachten NL 1/4 Mile (402 m) , Herman Jolink Qualified on the 2e place with 8.338 sec with 247 kmh with his Ducati 1198 RS (1266)

The traction at Drachten was ferry good, and the hole weekend Sunshine and high tempratures 38 Celcius, and Herman Jolink get the 1e Place in the Euro Serie Super Twin Top Gas Class, 2e Milan Kolacny CZ. Lees verder

12-14 august 2011 NitrOlympix Hockenheim Germany

Burn Out Jolink voor de 1/4 Finale

12-14 august NitrOlympix 5 round fore the Euro Serie Super Twin Top Gas Championship at Hockenheim Germany there where 50.000 spectators, Friday whe had some rain  saterday and Sunday also so whe did yust the ¼ Final then again rain, and at 18.00 the Drag Race must be stopt

1/4 Finale Jolink kort na de start

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