1-2 september 2018 Mosten Race Days Denmark Herman Jolink on the Ducati 1198 RS Drag Bike

1-3 february Classic Motorshow Hal 1   stand 1 C 41  Bremen Germany

1-3 february 2019 the Dragracing Team Herman Jolink Exposure for the 4th time on the Classic Motorshow Bremen Germany, we Exposure allot Ducati Bevel parts for Square and Round Case there where 42.000 Visitors

1-3 february we where for the 4th time at the Classic Motorshow Bremen Germany photo left Max Ruprecht 8 years a big fan from Herman Jolink right his father Olaf Ruprecht right Ducati Bevel Square 75-77 Ducati ignition with new made manifilds 40 mm, bevel house cover 750 round design with Ducati on it Low valve covers Alumium and Magnesium and Sprocket cover for Bosch Square Ducati Bevel Messing Exhaust Nuts we can made oversize threat

1-3 february 2019 Classic Motorshow Bremen Germany Ducati Bevel Parts for Square and Round Case also Mille parts and Ducati 1 cylinder pistons also for V-Twins   and we have allot contacts we do 45 years Ducati Bevel drive engines

Ducati 750 Round Case Crankcase with new bearings and lower bevel gears and  flangias Wetblasted

1-3 feb 2019 Classic Motorshow Bremen Germany Ducati Bevel Parts Roud Case Square Case 75-77 and Mille

1-3 feb 2019 Classic Motorshow Bremen Germany Ducati 750 round case crankcase and parts

1-3 feb 2019 Classic Motorshow Bremen Germany Ducati Bevel Square 1e type Bosch engine, new bearings Crankshaft balance new 87 mm pistons Cyl Heads new valve seats new valves all rockers new hardchromed Gearbox modified Compleet, but now Clutch Cover and now Altenator Cover

14-17 february Motorbeurs on the stand from Oliehandel.NL   Hal 12-C32 Utrecht Netherlands

14-17 february 2019 the Dragracing Team Herman Jolink Exposure for the 28th time at the Motorbeurs Utrecht Netherlands, the Ducati 1198 RS Drag Bike in the background the Ducati Panigale-1 Drag Bike we start to build the Pani-1 on the 13th november 2018 We try to get the Panigale-1 Drag Bike ready for the 1st Top Gas Drag Race at Malmo Sweden 11-12 may 2019

14-17 february 2019 we present for the 28th year at the Motorbeurs at Utrecht Netherlands on the photo with Hyperpro steer schock Absorbers made in the Netherlands

14-17 february Motorbeurs Utrecht Netherlands, photo Kees Siroo motorsport photographer

14-17 february 2019 Motorbeurs Utrecht Netherlands The Vink Family 2nd from left sohn from Henk Vink 3th from left the granddaughter from Henk Vink right daughter from Henk Vink 2nd from left daughter from Henk Vink in front the Ducati Panigale-1 Drag Bike the Team Jolink try to get it ready for 11-12 may 2019 Malmo Sweden (Henk Vink whas a fames Dragracer on Nitro Kawasaki it is allot years ago he past away)

14-17 february we present for the 28th year at the Motorbeurs Utrecht Netherlands in front Putoline high Quality Oil products made in the Netherlands, we can deliver al sizes of high Quality J-E psitons in 4 weeks

14-17 february 2019 we Exposure Ducati Bevel parts for Round Case and Square Case on our stand at the Motorbeurs at Utrecht Netherlands, we use long years the MJK saefty leather suite made in the Netherlands , also we use a Premier Helmeth and Style Martin Leather booths ,there where 85.000 vistors at the Motorbeurs 2019

24 february 2019 Herman Jolink made a Special Tool to put in the seal beheynd the front sprocket for the Ducati 1200 Bevel engine with the orginail Cylinders with longer Cylinder sleeves for the 90 stroke and 92 mm J-E pistons background Putoline Chain Spray DX 11 it stay on the chain also in heavy rain we test it with our Old Lady the Ducati Bevel Mille S 2

New made for Ducati Bevel Round Case and Square Case,in front  small Shift Selector fork 2-5 Gear, background wide Shift Selector Fork 1-2-5 Gear

1 March 2019 Herman Jolink with Ducati Mille S2, with Aluminium Imola Tank 900 SS seat and 900 SS fearing

3 March Ducati Bevel Parts, left new made shift selector fork 1-2-5 gear, above shift selector fork 3-4 gear for Ducati Bevel Round and Square Case, for 40 mm Carb Inlet Trumpet, For Clutch Cover Round and Square and 1 Cyl Ducati Messing Nuts M 22 x 1.5 , Messing Exhaust Nuts oversize for Ducati V-Twin and 1 Cylindere, Torque Cams for Square Case Cam Cover Round Case Design with 900 on it Magnesium. Cam Cover last Type Mille, New 1 Cyl Cam Cover 350, Long Oilfilter for Round and Square Case Return Spring gearclock for Square Bosch and Round Case Gearclock

3 march 2019 left Herman Jolink right Andreas Lux he have allot Bevel Ducati s but he don t ride them that is a pitty. The first ride this year from Herman Jolink on the Old Lady (Ducati Mille S 2) 150 km in the rain , But it whas so nice The Old Lady was talking to me Ride me ride Lissen to me I now the way in live Lissen to me i show you the right way Copyright Herman Jolink

3 march Cilinder Head Ducati Pantah a litlle damage We wil reparair the Pantah Cyl Head

2 march 2019 Ducati Bevel Mille Crankshaft left the crank spindlle is broke of We wil repair it

16-17 march Technorama Kassel Germany

16-17 march 2019 Technorama Kassel Germany

16-17 march 2019 Technorama Kassel Germany

Will de Graaf right on the Photo, 35 years Will de Graaf whas working at the Motor Cycle Magazin     Motor     Moto 73     and Classic and Retro Magazine    at   the Editorial office   6 months befor here   Retirement   she whas discharge   Past away thursday 14 march 2019   She whas 66 years.   Will will will    Forever will    Where will whas    There whas a way   Will oh will    Will whas the captain   Will Will Will   For you Will    Herman Jolink

5 april 2019  working at the Ducati Panigale-1 Drag Bike

20 april Ducati Bevel Day Star Twin Loenen Netherlands

11-2 may European Super Twin Top Gas and EDRS Malmo Sweden

24-24 may Ducati Club Race Assen Netherlands

14-16 june Top Gas and Norwegian Bike Festival Gardermoen Norway

23 june Italian Day at Hof van Salland Dorpstraat 30    7431 CL Diepenveen Netherlands

5-7 july Bikers Classics Francorchamps Belgium

25-28 july Top Gas and Drag Revival Mantorp Sweden

16-18 aug FIM and Top Gas NitrOlympx Hockenheim Germany

30-31 aug Top Gas and Mosten Race Days Allingaboro Denmark

20-22 sep Top Gas and Dutch Finals DHRA Drachten Netherlands

copyright Herman Jolink