P1270991 verkleind copyright Herman Jolink 3-3-2019 Doetinchem NL

3 March Ducati Bevel Parts, left new made shift selector fork 1-2-5 gear, above shift selector fork 3-4 gear for Ducati Bevel Round and Square Case, for 40 mm Carb Inlet Trumpet, For Clutch Cover Round and Square and 1 Cyl Ducati Messing Nuts M 22 x 1.5 , Messing Exhaust Nuts oversize for Ducati V-Twin and 1 Cylindere, Torque Cams for Square Case Cam Cover Round Case Design with 900 on it Magnesium. Cam Cover last Type Mille, New 1 Cyl Cam Cover 350, Long Oilfilter for Round and Square Case Return Spring gearclock for Square Bosch and Round Case Gearclock

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