Herman Malmo STTG 510 round 1 2019 copyright Mike Kraaij 11-12 may 2019

11-12 May 2019 Malmo Race Way Sweden Sunday after the second round pulling back to the pits Herman Jolink get a big aplaus from the Top Gas Teams 1st round Jolink 5.431-201 kmh defete Schleichert De on 1340 H-D V-Rod Destroyer 6.322-175 kmh reaction Schleichert 0.152 Jolink 0.154 sec Then the 2nd round Menzi CH 2622 V-Twin special USA 4.556-239 kmh defete Jolink 5.450-201.7 kmh reaction Menzi 0.028 Jolink 0.119 sec European Super Twin Top Championship 1st Lymant Germany 940 points 2nd Albers Germany 720 3th Menzi Switserland 650 5th Jolink Netherlands 500 14th Heer Germany 310 then some riders with 300 points and some with 200 points 22 riders in Top Gas in 2019

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