IMG-20180610-WA0002 Alkersleben D 8-10 juni 2018 copyright Team Jolink

8-10 june 2018 European Super twin Top Gas Drag Race Alkersleben Germany Crew Chief Kralle Viehrig (Chemnitz Germany) starting up the Ducati 1198 RS Drag Bike. WE Qualified 5th from the 12 Top Gas riders, the track have not good grip. We did on the 1/8 Mile (201 m) 5.860 sec with 201 kmh with 5th gears, 60 foot (18 m) 1.459 (on a good track we do 1.2 on the 60 ft). Eleminations 1/8 Final Herman Jolink did 5.941 sec with 201 kmh def. Andreas Herr Germany on V-Twin 7.403-130 (Qualified with 6.399-174 kmh) Herr waiting ferry long to go in stage Jolink go then first in stage(wen you wait to long you get a red light) 1/4 final Olaf Menzi CH on 2622 Prostock V-Twin 5.396-216 kmh def Herman Jolink 5.864-201 kmh Rek Jolink 0.166 Menzi 0.288 Jolink ridng ferry konstant runs from 5.8 seconds Top Gas Championship after two rounds Jolink NL on the 4th Place with 520 points 1st Lymant De 1370 points last 15th Severa Czech Republic

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