DSC_3082 Jolink Mosten 2018 verkleind copyright Piet Mom

Jolink 5.479 sec with 203 kmh with allot body leaning to not go in the gardrail that cost time The years before we di 8 4 2 and than the winner that whas be bether for Herman Jolink

25th Mosten Race Days 31 aug 1 sep 2018 Allingaboro Denmark Sprint 1/8 Mile (201 m) Qualified 7th with 5.374 sec with 208 kmh from 17 riders in the Top Gas Class saterday a 8 field Drag Race System Jolink 7th against Scahck 2nd Jolink out the first roudn Scahk a 4.782 sec with 233 kmh

because the first round two fast bikes broke Copyright Herman Jolink

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