Dragracing Team Herman Jolink

12-14 aug 2011, NitrOlympix , Dragracing Team Herman Jolink, right Herman Jolink, 2e right Henri, left Urs, Hockenheim D

Rider/Mechanic  :  Herman Jolink age 62, the year 2016 wil be the 40th year  Dragracing

Team                  :   Henri Evers,  Willie Driessen,  Sander Rincker, Urs                                          Brander, Marcel Evers Kevin Clasens Henri         Streicher


Technical Tips     :   Star Twin NL,  Startrick NL,   Ducati Corse I

Photos                 :  Piet Mom, Finn Bojer,  Per Emborg,  Team Jolink

Public Relations   :  Herman Jolink

Results                 : 2016-2nd European  Super Twin Top Gas

2011-1e Euro Serie Super Twin Top Gas  3e Dutch Open Super TwinTop Gas

Best Times: 1/4 Mile (402 m)  8.275 sec with 260 kmh

1/8 Mile (201 m)  5.162 sec with 216.87 kmh

0-100 kmh   1.185 seconds

1-4 sep 2011, Sprint 1/8 Mile (201 m) Mosten Race Day s , Randers DK

Technical Information Ducati 1198 RS Drag Bike

Engine         Ducati 1198 RS Super Bike Engine Ducati Corse I

Capicity       1266 cc, Crankshaft stroke 71.5 modified by Startrick NL

Pistons        106 made by Woessner Germany

Cil. Heads    Ducati Corse, modified by Startrick Netherlands

                    Inletmanifolds Star Twin Netherland

Gearbox      Standard Ducati, shiftit by air Shifter, Lock Up made Star Twin

Ignition         Sachse Elektronik Germany

Carburators Dell Orto, set up by Startrick Dell Orto Import Netherlands

Fuel              High Oktan Petrol

Oil                Eurol Radiax Racing Oil, made by Eurol Oil Netherlands

Chain           Tsubaki 520 Sigma, Tsubaki Europe Netherlands

Rearsprocket Special Aluminium

Frame           Build 2003 by Star Twin, Herman Jolink NL, modified 2009

Wheelybar    Startrick and Herman Jolink  Netherlands

Body Carbon CRC Fairings Netherlands, Special Paint Dam Designs NL

Rearwheel     Marchecini made wither by Star Twin NL, tire M-T 26-7-17

Frontwheel     Front Disk Braking, Import by HGA Netherlands

                       Powerbrake the new Braking Technologny, by Powerseal NL

Steer Schock Absobers,    Made by Hyperpro Netherlands

Weight           Ready to go 145 kg







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